Terms & Conditions

1) Confirmation and Acceptance of Quotation

Customer is required to endorse ATC’s quotation. Alternatively, the quotation is considered confirmed, and accepted at the receiving of order in any form, Eg. physical goods for treatment and/or order document such as Purchase Order/Delivery Note/Treatment order form and etc. ATC shall then carry out finishing services as per the quotation.


2) Risk

The Customer warrants that the goods that are deposited with ATC for services to be rendered require no special storage.


Risk of loss and/or damage to the goods, deposited at ATC by the customer, shall at all times remain with the customer. ATC undertakes no liability for any destruction damage or loss howsoever caused to the goods deposited by customer for ATC’s surface finishing services. The customer is strongly advised to take up own insurance with respect to the goods deposited with the Supplier for services to be rendered.


3) Liability

In the event of non-conformance, maximum liability for claim is limited to one time finishing cost provided by ATC only.


Non-Conformance should be notified to ATC by written notice within 5 working days from the date of ATC’s delivery document. All non-conformances shall be subjected to ATC’s review and acceptance approval. Such review must be carried out base on physical goods that are being declared as non-conformance with relevant supporting documents. ATC shall take no liability on all the cost due from the material supplied by customer.


4) Yield Loss

Yield Loss is 3%.


5) Payment

Payment term from customer shall be based on the credit term set out in ATC’s quotation.


If the customer does not clear any outstanding payment on the due dates of payment, then without prejudice to any other remedy ATC may have, ATC has the right to suspend the delivery of any goods and/or services and/or withhold the return to the customer of any goods of the customer, regardless of whether or not the goods and/or services relate to the contracts where the payment is outstanding.


Unless for urgent delivery schedules, all deliveries shall be subjected to approval.

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