Hard Chrome Plating

Hard chrome, also known as industrial chrome or engineered chrome, is known distinctly for its thick plating. As we are equipped with a robust foundation in this field, we have the capability to produce high-quality chrome-plated that distinguishes us from a regular plating house. This process is popular among our customers that have engineering applications.

Process Specs Process   Classification Tank Size (L) x (W) x (H) mm Locations
Hard Chrome Plating
AMS 2406 / AMS 2460 /
AMS-QQ-C-320 / QQ-C-320
Hard Chrome 800 x 650 x 1000 Singapore

Hard Chrome Plating is an electrolytic process using the chromic acid based electrolyte. The part is the cathode and, with the passage of a DC current through lead anodes, chromium metal deposits on the component surface.

A wide variety of parts can be coated; but proper fixturing is required, and a suitable size bath, sufficient lifting capacity and adequate power sources. Hard Chrome Plating offers many advantages for engineering applications.

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