Cadmium Plating

Our Cadmium plating is a process highly recognized by our customers. With technical advantages such as high corrosion resistance at low plating thickness and high lubricity, accompanied by our ability to produce high-quality Cadmium-plated goods, it is no surprise that our service is highly sought after by the Aviation industry.

Process Specs Process   Classification Tank Size (L) x (W) x (H) mm Locations
Cadmium Plating
AMS QQ-P-416 Type I 1500 X 800 X 850 Singapore
Type II
Type III

Cadmium plating is still frequently used in the aerospace industry for fasteners and it remains in military and aviation specs. Cadmium plating, also known as cad plating, offers a lot of technical advantages such as excellent resistance to corrosion even at the relatively low thickness and in salt atmospheres, softness, and malleability, freedom from sticky and/or bulky corrosion products, galvanic compatibility with aluminum, freedom from stick-slip thus allowing reliable torquing of plated threads, can be dyed to many colors and clear, has good lubricity and solderability, and works well either as a final finish or as a paint base.

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