Gold Plating

Gold plating is one of our special processes in our plating business. We pride ourselves in producing gold-plated goods of high purity (> 99 %) and evenness. Whether it is for aesthetic purposes or electrical applications, we can meet all of our customer’s request.

Process Specs Process   Classification Tank Size (L) x (W) x (H) mm Locations
Gold Plating MIL-G-45204 Hard Gold Ø 150 x 200 Singapore
Soft Gold Ø 150 x 200

Gold plating is frequently used in electronic components, such as electrical connectors and printed circuit boards, to provide a corrosion-resistant electrically conductive layer on the copper substrate.

With direct gold-on-copper plating, the copper atoms diffuse through the gold layer, causing tarnishing of its surface and formation of an oxide and/or sulfide layer.

A layer barrier metal, often nickel, is deposited on the copper substrate before the gold plating. The layer of nickel provides a mechanical base for the gold layer to improve its wear resistance and reduces the impact of pores seen in the gold layer.

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