Brush Plating

Brush Plating Process (Zn & Cu)

Overview :
This is a portable method of electroplating and is used to electroplate in localised areas of a part without the use of immersion tank. Primarily used for enhancing surfaces on OEM components, repair and salvaging worn parts. Applicable across a wide range of industries, including aerospace, oil and gas and more.


Brush Plating Elements :

  • Plating Tool with absorbent wrap (Anode)
  • Rectifier to supply direct current
  • Special Brush plating solution (Electrolyte)
  • Work Piece (Cathode)

Brush Plating Process Steps  :

  • Work Piece base material-specific preparatory steps to ensure Good deposit
  • Rectifier to supply Direct Current to work Piece (Cathode) and plating tool (Anode)
  • Dedicated electrodes are used for each operation
  • The electrodes are covered with an absorbent material saturated with a solution
  • Movement between work piece and plating tool.
  • Plating of metal (Zn / Cu) deposit to the desired thickness


  • Can process part that is too large for immersion plating.
  • Plating can be done anywhere in the workshop or customer site as the equipment is mobile
  • Lower manufacturing cost as raw material and utility usage are low
  • Significantly minimise Masking time as compare to traditional tank-plating
  • Environmentally friendly due to less emission.
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