Corporate Sustainability

Environmental Aspect and Impact
We understand the impacts of our operations to the environment and ecosystem. Great attention has been paid to the waste management and we are proactively enhancing sustainability by implementing “Guided Self-Regulations’’ approach in accordance with the legal requirements.
We have inculcated Green-Environment Practices in all our staffs, to aid in our goal of sustainable Green-manufacturing.

Environmental Facilities
With commitment to protect and preserve the environment, environmental facilities form an integral part of the company’s overall infrastructural planning. Performance monitoring is practiced to ensure facilities are functioning effectively and efficiently throughout the day. By equipping ourselves with state-of-art environmental facilities, cleaner production activities are promised.

Industrial Effluent Treatment System (IETS)
IETS is playing an important role in treating major waste generated in ATC. By recognizing the various types of waste-water generated, we are able to tactfully produce cleaner waste through the use of chemical wastewater-treatment. Strict performance monitoring is practiced to ensure all discharged effluent adheres to legal requirements.

Air pollution Control System
We are well aware of the unavoidable generation of air pollution that our manufacturing processes produces. Thus, we are readily equipped with Scrubber systems to treat all types of air-contaminants prior to release into the atmosphere.

Scheduled Waste Management
We understand that improper disposal of chemical waste will have a severe impact on the environment and ecosystem. Therefore, we only partner with licensed waste collectors that are able to help us in safeguarding a green environment.

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