Electroless Nickel Plating

We are strongly-equipped with the expertise to perform plating of Nickel on various metal substrates through our well-established chemical process, without the use of electrical currents.


Our understanding of the specific requirements Electroless Nickel plating has allowed us to fine-tune our process to yield the highest quality of Nickel-plated goods in the market.

Process Specification Process Classification Tank Size (mm)
(L) x (W) x (H)
Electroless Nickel
AMS 2404 / ASTM B 733 / AMS-C-26074 / MIL-C-26074 Medium phosphorous EN 1530 x 760 x 930 Singapore
High phosphorous EN 1200 x 600 x 1200
EN Teflon 720 x 450 x 700
AMS 2404 / ASTM B 733 / AMS-C-26074 / MIL-C-26074 Medium phosphorous EN (Alu) 1100 x 700 x 1000 Penang
Medium phosphorous EN (Steel) 1800 x 700 x 1300
High phosphorous EN 1100 x 700 x 1000
EN Teflon Ø 200 x 160

Electroless nickel (EN) plating is an auto-catalytic reaction used to build up a coating of nickel on a substrate. Unlike electroplating, it is not necessary to pass an electric current through the chemical to form a deposit. This plating technique is usually used to prevent corrosion and wear.


Electroless nickel plating has many advantages as compared to electroplating. Electroless nickel provides a uniform deposit regardless of part geometry as it is free from flux-density and power supply issues. Moreover, with proper pre-plate catalyst, EN can deposit on non-conductive surfaces.

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