Spray Painting

ATC apply liquid paint to a variety of products and substrates including automotive component, heavy industrial equipment, consumer electronics products, requiring special colors, texture, and thickness. We have both wet and dry painting booths used by our skilled and experienced workforce. We perform cleaning and pre-treatment, properly controlled painting methods, and apply the suitable curing or drying cycle. We handle a wide variety of part substrates and part sizes, typically ranging from 1 inch to 20 feet, by using a spray booth.

Process Specs Process   Classification Oven Size (L) x (W) x (H) Meter Locations
Spray Painting - High Build Tar Free Coating 6.0 X 3.0 X 3.0 Singapore
High Solid Aliphatic /
Aromatic Polyester Polyurethane Coating
Polyurethane Coating
ESD Painting
Dry / Solid Film Lubricants Coating
Anti-Bacterial Nano Coating
Polyurethane Coating 4.5 X 2.5 X 3.0 Penang
ESD Painting
Dry / Solid Film Lubricants
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